Anacon Power & Controls has introduced a new line of DIN Mount Solid State Relays which provide engineers with the best solution for any power solid state relay application. Anacon's thermally engineered system guarantees safe performance guidelines for just about any solid state relay control application. When matched to today's high performance solid state relays, Anacon's "Cool One" heat sink designs give designers reliable information on the actual thermal demands on solid state relay assemblies in their systems. Panel layout, heat sink design and thermal ratings will take the guess work out of solid state relay design.

New Product
Phase Angle Controller Card
High Current Back to Back SCR Modules
150A - 300A

The APC-SCR-CM-1 is a phase angle control module designed for use with high power back to back SCR modules or Solid State Relays. The power delivered to the load is proportional to the command input signal.


Datasheet User Manual


  • Provides true linear power output phase angle control and burst fire control.
  • Small 3.0" x 2.5" module mounts in a snap track or a dinrail.
  • Command input accepts 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, Pot, PWM.
  • Configurable line voltage compensation increases stability of your process.
  • Configurable soft start for high inrush loads.
  • Wide frequency operation (30 to 90Hz).
  • Adjustable Voltage Limit.
  • Drives SCR gates directly.
  • Single phase and three phase control.

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