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Anacon Power & Controls is pleased to release our line of Solid State Relay and SCR Power Controllers Products & Accessories.
We have developed a wide range of assemblies utilizing our "Cool One" heat sink technology that will operate reliably in all control applications.

Our standard assemblies feature Crouzet's GN Series Solid State Relays which provide the latest in solid state technology. Designed for thermal efficiency, the SCR die of each solid state relay is assembled onto a direct bond copper (DBC or fused copper) substrate. This allows for maximum heat-transfer from the SCR die to the base plate, allowing the SCR's to operate at a lower temperature. In addition to thermal efficiency, these solid state relays comply with level 3 requirements of the EMC Directive for conducted and radiated immunity, as well as the industrial requirements for conducted and radiated emissions.

Additional Solid State Relay features include:
  • Internal transient protection
  • Bussed power lead-frames
  • LED input status indicator 
  • An optional strip mount 
  • IP20 housing
  • Zero Cross Solid State relays with built in output protection along with LED status indicators. 

Our SCR Power Controller products feature both time based and phase angle control with a variety of input control options, including HVAC.

Anacon's "Cool One" heat sink designs are engineered to provide the best thermal interface for their size and shape. We have carefully selected the best semiconductor element in our designs so that the final product will provide years of reliable service.
We have provided cost effective solutions for some of the most demanding applications. Call us with your requirements.

We also use high performance thermal interface materials between our "Cool One" heat sinks and high performance solid state relays to insure the best thermal interface possible. Thermal performance is guaranteed through the use of our unique "Cool One" heat sink.

Anacon Power & Controls relay assemblies operate efficiently, even when mounted side by side on a DIN rail. Our assembly systems results in a reliable cost effective solution to high performance solid state control products.

Our product matrix features all of the Standard Relay Assemblies, SCR Power Controller products & accessories available from Anacon Power & Controls. We also have a large selection of standard & special heat sink products available for a variety of thermal applications. 

If you don't see the product that fits your application, please contact us as we are constantly adding new products for new applications all the time.

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